At ROSA3D, we know how important it is to support young talent and innovative projects. We try to participate in initiatives that contribute to the development of young people and the world around us. We are proud to present the projects supported by ROSA3D.


Partner of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics

We are pleased to announce that ROSA3D Filaments has become a Partner of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics at the University of Lodz.

PUT Rocketlab

ROSA3D filaments are about to conquer space, thanks to the PUT Rocketlab team from Poznan University of Technology. They used our materials to build the HEXA rocket. This collaboration demonstrates the wide range of applications for our filaments and how 3D printing technology accelerates and facilitates the realisation of ambitious projects.
“Thanks to the ROSA3D filaments, we were able to produce many parts for our projects using 3D printing. We have printed ballast weights and test rocket heads, as well as mounting parts for electronics. Printing with filaments allowed us to considerably speed up the realisation of some projects and made it possible to apply new solutions. The top quality and wide range of available materials offered by ROSA3D drives our activities!”
PUT Rocketlab team


Gold Sponsor of the PWR Racing Team of Wrocław University of Technology

We were the Gold Sponsor of the PWR Racing Team of the Wrocław University of Technology in the construction of electric car RT12e. ROSA3D filaments were used in its construction. The battery modules were made from non-flammable ABS V0 FR and the lamp shades from PET-G Standard. We would like to congratulate the PWR Racing Team on their achievements and wish them further success.
“The filaments we received from Rosa3D allowed us to manufacture many complex parts in compliance with the motorsport standards . The strength of the PA12+CF15 filament met the difficult construction requirements, and the non-flammability of the specialised ABS FR filament provided an adequate level of safety for our battery.”
PWR Racing Team of Wrocław University of Technology

SASKA Sports Club Warsaw

We are delighted that we were able to support the girls’ volleyball team of the SASKA Warsaw Sports Club by sponsoring T-shirts . We are proud that our company could contribute to the promotion of sport and physical activity among young people. We believe that the team in their new jerseys will be even more motivated to achieve great results. We wish the team good luck and success. We are honoured by the fact that such talented young athletes wear the ROSA3D logo on their outfits.

PWr Solar Boat Team

With great enthusiasm, we supported the innovative project of the PWr Solar Boat Team. Our high-quality filaments were a key element in the process of creating the lamination mold, which resulted in the creation of floats for the solar-powered boat. This collaboration brought us immense satisfaction, seeing how our products contribute to the development of advanced technologies based on renewable energy sources. We are extremely proud that we could have our part in this project, combining technological innovation with principles of sustainable development.