BioCREATE – biodegradable and thermal resistant

Let's start with some questions: 1. Has your 3D printing journey started a long time ago? 2. Are you looking for a filament different from PLA but still easy to use? 3. PET-G is stringing too much while ABS is shrinking? 4. Do you need a material with better technical parameters such as impact strength and thermal resistance? 5. Do you want prints that are easy to post-process and can be painted? If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you may find our offer interesting. What would you say to BioCREATE - biodegradable and with thermal resistance comparable to ABS? 3D printing with it is easy, as long as you use the right printing parameters (more on this topic in section: 'How to print BioCREATE').

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BioWOOD – compostable filament with wood fibers

Have you always dreamed of 3D printing with wood? Are you way past testing not-so-wooden filaments? Has their price-quality ratio disappointed you? Maybe you're striving to produce less waste but using a 3D printer takes you away from your goal? Do you want the filament you use to not be such a burden to the planet? In our offer you will find a compostable BioWOOD filament, even in a home composter, . What's more, the addition of real wood fibers makes you feel the pleasant smell of wood right after removing the spool from packaging. And for post-processing the printout, you can use the same methods that work well for wood. The filament is sold at 500g net.

BioWOOD – compostable filament with wood fibers2021-02-22T13:11:39+01:00