ROSA FILAMENTS for 3D printing

The PET-G+CF filament by Rosa3D was designed for printing structural elements and moving parts of machines, where higher durability and heat resistance are required.

PET-G+CF printouts are characterised by negligible moulding shrinkage, they are odourless and feature very strong bonding between layers. The material has a graphite, matte surface and a smooth, almost sateen, structure, and is relatively easy to print. Negligible moulding shrinkage allows for printing in an open device.

The PET-G+CF filament features a strong chemical resistance and the addition of carbon fibre enhances its mechanical and heat durability as well as its impact strength, which ensures universal application of this material.

For PET-G+CF printing it is recommended to use hardened steel nozzles (brass and aluminium nozzles can be subject to abrasion), suggested size > 0.3mm.

Recommended print temperature: 240- 270 °C

Recommended temperature of the table: 70-90 °C


  • Diameter (mm): 1,75 mm
  • Tolerances in diameter (mm):+/- 0,05 mm
  • Oval tolerances (mm):+/- 0,02 mm
  • Net weight (g): 500 g (vacuum-packed with a moisture absorber)
  • Density: 1,32 g/cm3
  • Odor: odorless
  • Charpy impact strength :Without notch – 50 kJ/m2 (ISO 179-1eU)
    With notch – 6 kJ/m2 (ISO 179-1eA)
  • Tensile elongation (speed 5 mm/min, to break)4/5% (ISO 527)
  • Tensile strength (speed 5 mm/min, to break):  95 MPa (ISO 527)
  • Tensile modulus (speed 1 mm/min):  8800 MPa (ISO 527)
  • Vicat softening temperature:  80°C


  • Print temperature (°C):  240-270°C
  • Table temperature (°C):  70-90°C