PHP ROSA since 1979 r.

POLISH PRODUCER OF FILAMENTS FOR 3D PRINTING – short story brand was founded in 2018. It is a filament production division of Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo Produkcyjne ROSA Alicja Sakowicz-Soldatke, which has been offering carefully manufactured eco-friendly and high-quality hoses and plastic profiles for 40 years now. We pride ourselves in our very professional and experienced team and modern machinery, which allows us to manufacture products of the highest quality. Our qualified team provides our clients with assistance in selecting the products, which ensures they are perfectly tailored to the client’s preferences. We keep improving our qualifications by attending workshops and training sessions. We ensure the highest durability of our products and compliance with ROHS and REACH standards.

ROSA 3D – current production

In 2018, we purchased a modern, fully synchronised and automated production line dedicated to the filaments intended for 3D printing. Thanks to this modern technology, we can control the processing of the material to an exceptional extent, as well as its roundness, size, transparency, and colour.

Our highest priority is to create a product which is suitable for industrial printing, technical printing (elements used in industry) and large-format printing. Therefore, the first material we’ve introduced was PET-G with relatively low moulding shrinkage, which allows for large-size printing. The choice of the filament and the material is always made with the support of practitioners, i.e. Polish manufacturers of 3D printers, who kindly provide us with the opportunity to test our filaments in extreme conditions, on printouts weighing a few or even over a dozen kilograms.


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